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The History of the Phoenix

Located in the bourgeoning Garment District neighborhood, the Phoenix is located on the first floor of the historic Phoenix Hotel.  Built in 1888, this classic building sits on the National Historic Registry with a couple other old building in downtown KC.  The Phoenix has a long tradition of drinking establishments, which catered to the locals and travelers up and down the Kaw River until Prohibition.  The club began in 1905 as the *Valerius Saloon*, named after its proprietor Frank Valerius.  His name is still etched in the stain glass above the front door!

Around 1920, Frank sold to a nice lady who lived upstairs named Madame Linna Laws.  While they still served food and booze on the smoky first floor (up until Prohibition), Linna rented out rooms on the 2nd and 3rd floors.  It’s well-known that Linna rented more than just rooms – but it’s not our place to judge.

Some times late at night, we still hear footsteps and find things in strange places.  We just tell ourselves it’s Frank and Linna keeping an eye on us.

After moving through different proprietors, in 1990 *The Phoenix* transformed in to what it resembles today.  We still have some of the same bands here as we did then, such as Tim Whitmer,  Millie Edwards, and of course Lonnie McFadden.  The Phoenix features live music six days/week, a full menu, and a live jazz brunch every Saturday & Sunday from 10am – 2pm